How Long Should an Air Filter Last on a Car?

As a general rule, most average drivers should be able to go a year or two before needing to replace their air filter. If it's been more than three years or 30,000 miles, it's probably time to buy a new one. However, if you're being told to replace the air filter every time you change the oil, you should be wary. In most cases, drivers should expect to spend more than a year and likely more than two years between air filter changes, depending on conditions and mileage.

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This way, small problems can be corrected before they become costly repairs. Now that you know how often to change the car's air filter, what about the cabin filter? Here's an article that tells you what you need to do and how to maintain it. In addition to blog posts, Tips in a Jiffy also has videos with car care tips. You should check your car's air filter once a year. Many people choose to change the filter at this time, but some mechanics say an air filter can last 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Depending on how much you travel and drive, you may not reach those numbers in a year. Even so, it's important to take the time to check your air filter once a year. If the filter looks dirty, it's time for a replacement. Do not attempt to clean the filter and use it again; a new air filter is the optimal choice for ensuring that your vehicle performs at its best and stays in top shape. Consult your owner's manual to help you choose the correct engine air filter replacement or ask a Jiffy Lube technician. One of the most common problems encountered when needing to change an engine's air filter is decreased fuel consumption.

A dirty filter allows contaminating and allergenic particles, dust, sand and other debris into the engine and car. Please note that not all filters should be replaced; some models may be washable and therefore more environmentally friendly. If you've recently noticed that you have to refill your gas tank more often than usual, it's probably time to check your air filter. In any case, it is a smart and proactive policy to inspect at least the air filter every 6,000 miles (9,656 kilometers). The filter helps keep the air free of dirt, bugs and debris that may be dragged into your car's intake system. General Motors suggests for many of its vehicles that the air filter be changed at the 60,000 mile (96,561 kilometer) mark.

You can visually check the engine air filter to see if it looks dirty or if it is full of debris. If you're like the proverbial old lady from Pasadena who only drives on Sundays, you can get away with less frequent air cleaner replacements. Others say it's a bit excessive and that you should simply use your judgment to visually check the air filter and change it when it looks dirty. A clogged filter can cause slow acceleration and can cause the engine warning light to come on. The good news is that most engine air filters are easy to access; if you need help locating yours, consult your owner's manual. If the car is used frequently in dusty or harsh conditions (think driving in cities with lots of construction), then it is necessary to change the air filter more often.