How Much Does It Cost to Replace Car Filters?

When it comes to replacing the cabin filter in your car, doing it yourself is often the most cost-effective option. If the air filter is in an easily accessible location, it shouldn't take more than an hour to replace it. When you stop by a shop for an automatic overhaul, you may not think about replacing your engine's air filter. Older cars may need to replace filters every two years and 30,000 miles; newer vehicles could travel up to 50,000 miles before needing to change the filter.

If you are replacing your old air filter with another brand size than the one originally installed on your vehicle, keep in mind that this can also increase the price, which on average is approximately 15% more expensive due to the labor costs associated with installation. If you've never done it before, consult your owner's manual and it will guide you through the steps of finding your air filter and learning how to remove and replace it. The type of air filter you choose will also affect the price and may affect how you replace future filters in the future. If there is a lot of sand or dust in the air, such as a beach or desert, you'll need to replace the filter more often than recommended.

Even though replacing air filters takes very little time and money, many people still don't. In addition to taking the car to the dealership, where you will most likely be charged more for labor, you can take your vehicle to have your engine air filter replaced at any nearby auto repair shop. To start this DIY project yourself, all you have to do is buy a spare part from one of the stores and change the old one. The cost of replacing an air filter varies depending on the type of vehicle you have, where you buy it, and how often you change it.

Most auto repair shops charge labor fees for replacing the air filter, but you can easily save a little extra money if you do it yourself. Also, if you often drive in dirty or dusty conditions, check the air filter more often than recommended and change it as needed.