How Much Does It Cost to Change an Air Conditioner Filter?

Air filters are essential components of an air system, helping to keep your home smelling fresh, clean and safe to breathe. The filters you use vary and change depending on your home and the needs of your air systems. The costs associated with these filters are reflective of the service and product you receive, and our goal is to make them as affordable as possible. We understand the importance of keeping your finances in mind, so we offer filters that will help you breathe easy in your home.

You may have asked yourself: “How do I change the HVAC filter?” In many cases, it's as simple as opening the filter area, taking out the old filter, and then replacing it with a new one. When an air cleaner becomes dirty, it can cause blockages that affect the system's airflow. Manufacturers often suggest that the cabin air filter be replaced at the same time as the engine air filter. Poor indoor air quality can be uncomfortable and even hazardous for those living in your home.

When the HVAC system is turned on, it draws in air from inside or outside the house and circulates it through the HVAC system for heating or cooling. A dirty filter can cost you more in the long run; it's more cost-effective to buy a new one and reap its benefits. The filter traps particles from the incoming air, so they don't get sent to the HVAC system. When buying filters, it's important to consider their quality in order to keep your home air fresh and safe.

Homes with pets or smokers tend to have more contaminants (pet hair and smoking by-products), which means that their filters clog up faster than those in homes without pets or smokers. If all you need to do is replace a dirty air filter or a washing machine, you can probably do it yourself. The HVAC system needs to send air throughout the house, but if its filter is clogged, there won't be enough air to send. If you have pets or smokers in your home, you may need to change the filter more often. Keep your air clean and your costs low with an air filter supplier that works hard to bring you quality deals.

Air conditioning and heating systems usually work harder during summer and mid-winter peaks than in spring and fall, so more air will pass through the filter during these times of year, removing more pollutants from your home.